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Canyons Community Church itself began as a mission of a group of believers who wanted to establish a church in Castle Rock. So it's not surprising that missions and outreach in our community, our country, and our world are an important part of CCC!


Check out the global ministries we support below.


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David Matthews - Philippines

  • David continues to plant churches, train pastors and lay leaders, lead Bible studies, and facilitate community development for rural people on two remote islands – San Miquel and Santicon.  Currently he is heavily involved in building radio stations and recruiting staff for communicating to rural towns, and sharing the Gospel.  David’s e-mail address is 


Phil and Mariela Legal - Hidalgo, Texas

  • Phil and Mariela served 13+ years of ministry to the street children in Bogota, Colombia’s capital city.  They were active in church planting as well as training pastors, lay leaders, and preaching the Good News of Christ to Bogota’s poor.  Now, they serve the community of Hidalgo, Texas.


Greg and Laura Yoder - Haiti and Africa

  • Greg is President of Christian World Outreach whose mission is to participate with the body of Christ in responsible evangelism, to bring dignity, self-worth and encouragement through leadership development, and to meet the physical needs of people through humanitarian assistance.  CWO is currently involved in wonderful educational building programs in Haiti and Africa to facilitate even greater impact in the teaching and preaching the Gospel in those countries.                               

Kevin and Susan Fry - Zimbabwe 

  • Founders and 2nd generation caregivers of the Eden Children’s Village Ministry in Zoma, Kevin and Laura are operating an orphanage in western Zimbabwe for young children, most of whom are inflicted with HIV and AIDS. They are providing food grown in their gardens, a home with loving house-parents, clothing, educations and life skills, life- long Bible study skills to develop a closer walk with Jesus Christ.  Please pray for the Fry’s and their son and his wife as they continue to carry on for the Lord in a hostile political environment in Zimbabwe.

Roberta Pippitt - Zimbabwe

  • HCOC (Heather Chimoga Orphan Care) provides assistance to orphans and vulnerable children..  A thousand children are fed daily at three locations in Ward 1 including about 400 plus preschoolers.  School fees, school supplies, uniforms, and medical care are provided for all the orphans and vulnerable children as well.  All of this care requires a staff of approximately 30 full time employees and others on a part time or volunteer basis.  Their goal is to hire a full time pastor to work with all the children and especially those who are seriously traumatized.  Again, please pray to the Lord Jesus for these and other needs.

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